SBV welcomes enquires from parents. A certain level of academic achievement is expected for admission to the school so that the child can cope with and enjoy his / her stay at the school.

An application form to apply for admissions for the current academic session can be obtained from the office. Step-by-step information about, the admission process can be obtained from the Administrative office. The website gives complete details of the admissions procedure. Online applications are also available in the website.


Admissions are open from Pre Kindergarten to grade 9, for this academic year 2020-2021.

Pre Kindergarten: Completed the age of 2 as on 31st July of the year of Admission.

Junior Kindergarten: Completed the age of 3 as on 31st July of the year of Admission.

The registration form should be accompanied by a

  • Copy of birth certificate issued by concerned Govt Authorities.
  • Copy of Adhaar card of the child
  • Copy of the Family card

Sr.KG & Grade I to IX

  • Admission is based on an entrance test covering the syllabus of previous class.
  • Selection will be made on the basis evaluation and interview.
  • Transfer certificate, Health card and the latest progress report from the previous school, need to be submitted. The Transfer Certificate should have been countersigned by the concerned educational authority.