Our Library has a wide variety of books and journals. They serve as a store house of information related to textbooks and beyond. The Primary purpose is to inculcate reading habit amongst students.

The library have more than 4500 books which include fiction and non-fiction books of different genres, picture books, classics, self help books, bilingual books, science and technology books, reference resources for students and teachers.

An array of reading activities is conducted in the school. Students have a library period every week, and a book is issued to each student.

Book fairs and other literacy events are held to motivate our students to celebrate and enjoy the habit of reading books. The School has also subscribed to NIE (Newspaper in Education).

The school library has also subscribed leading newspapers and essential magazines for the students which enhance their knowledge of current affairs.

Students are requested to follow the below-mentioned points to keep the library intact:

  • Books should be handled with clean hands.
  • Books should be placed appropriately after reading
  • Books should be kept away from water.
  • Books should not be thrown.
  • Bookmarks should be used to “Save” where you stop reading.
  • Corner of pages should not be folded
  • Scribbling in the books should not be done.
  • Books should be returned on time.
  • Books, when damaged, should be reported to the library staff and the students should not repair it on their own.