Founder & Chairman

Shri. S. Jagathrakshakan
Founder and Chairman
Shree Bharath Vidyaashram

Shri.S. Jagathrakshakan sir was born on was born on 15 August 1950 in Kalingamalai, Villupuram district in Tamil Nadu. He is a reputed businessman and renowned politician, honoured for his contributions in the field of Education. He did his Matriculation at Valudavur. He is a member of Lok Sabha elected for the 4th time from Arakkonam Constituency in Tamilnadu. He started a research organisation called ‘Alwarkal aaiyuvumaiyam’ dedicated to the promotion of Tamil culture and art.

The literary propensity and rhetoric capability of Hon’ble Shri.Jagathratchagan are exceptional, outstanding and stupendous. He has authored around 30 books, one of which was released by Mother Teresa . Important among those, is commentary on “Naalaayira Diviya Prabandham” ( a compilation of 4000 songs sung by the great Alwar Saints of Vaishnavite Sect during sixth century) Four of his books are prescribed in University Syllabus as reference books.

Hon’ble Shri.Jagathratchagan has visited and been part of visiting delegation to various countries to find out the new schemes and developments so as to implement in India. His favourite past times include playing volleyball.

Shri. S.Jagathratchakan’s motto is “Education for all.” He insists on providing world class environment, infrastructure and learning ambience to all children from rural background and agricultural families so as to enable them receive best of Education .He is one of the first political leaders to establish a professional college. He started the Bharath Institute of Science and Technology in 1984, which later went on to become Bharath University in 2003. The branches of the college were opened in Pondicherry and Karnataka . Presently 18 vibrant educational institutions adopting all the branches of education – Medical, Technical, Management, Arts, Science etc – along with school education are imparting required knowledge and input to the aspirants under the compassionate benevolence and able guidance of Hon’ble Shri. S.Jagathratchakan, our Founder cum Chairman and Mentor.

Cradled in his dreams for his countrymen, for a well educated future generation, who are employable and competitive, Shri Jagathratchagan sowed the seed for school education through Shree Bharath Vidyaashram on a fertile soil of his generosity, holding within itself a volcano of immense potentials, and the school was inaugurated on 16th June 2017.

We are truly grateful to our Founder and Chairman, Honble Shri. S.Jagathratchakan who opened up a new world of opportunities by providing international standard, infrastructure, resources and mentors to learn from and to grow along, taking Shree Bharath Vidyaashram on a path towards launching a legacy. It is the beginning of a life – changing journey that would change the trajectory of the life of all those who are associated with SBV, especially its students.